Due to the prevalence of male pattern baldness, many believe that hair fall only affects men. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s estimated that over 50 percent of women experience noticeable hair loss due to female-pattern hair loss.

There’s a myriad of conditions that cause hair loss and thinning hair in women, such as thyroid disorders, anemia, menopause, and pregnancy. Medical conditions and skin conditions like PCOS and seborrheic dermatitis also contribute to hair loss in women older than 40.

Overwhelming evidence confirms that hair loss in women is psychologically damaging. The emotional suffering manifests in other personal, social, and work-related problems. Hair loss in women is also tied to depression, which further disrupts the hair cycle and increases hair loss.

If you’re a woman who no longer wants the appearance and texture of your hair to dictate your social and emotional well-being, scalp micropigmentation is just what you’ve been looking for. Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation offers the ideal solution to women suffering from hair loss and hair thinning across the crown or on the top of their heads. We use pigment that matches your natural hair color to create hair-like strokes that give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

Whether you want to cover bald spots or hide post-surgery scars, our scalp micropigmentation can help you add density and the illusion of volume to your hair. Style your hair confidently and don’t let anything hold you back!

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Are you experiencing any of these hair loss issues? Here’s how Delaware Scalp Micropigmentation can help you overcome them all!

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